Welcome to Kirsten Kraus 

Somatic Trauma Therapist

& Andy Kraus LMFT


I have worked with a variety of emotional trauma release modalities for the past 20 years. This includes The Comprehensive Resource Model, a cutting edge trauma therapy that employs brain-based physiological safety as the foundation for healing (CRM, Lisa Schwarz), Somatic Archaeology, Heart Centered Therapy, along with other trauma release techniques including Naturopathy.

Using a holistic approach focusing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of each client, I help them remove the limitations of fear-based thoughts, unresolved trauma, triggers that induce stress, and unwanted emotional & behavioral patterns. This approach is based in neuroscience and helps to "re-wire" the brain.

CRM (main  modality used) is a very gentle process that goes deep into the neurophysiology helping to down-regulate your nervous system around the targeted issues. CRM builds a scaffold of resourcing to safely and effectively release traumatic material, extinguishing the fear response and transforming old patterns of thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you. It reaches into the deepest parts of the brain to effect real and lasting change. Thus, allowing you to find your joy again and  experience a new way of "being". 

In 2016 I was honored to join The Global Medical Foundation on a humanitarian mission to Nepal and Tibet. Our team provided life saving surgeries to people in these impoverished countries. I worked with  orphaned children and adults who had lost limbs, fitting them with prosthetics and doing trauma therapy to help them heal from tragic events. Another highlight was teaching CRM trauma therapy to  post-graduate students at Nepal Medical University. This was an amazing and humbling experience and I am forever grateful. 

Outside of work I enjoy tennis, pickle ball, walking my dog Poppy and spending time with my husband, four adult children and two grandsons.

​Kirsten has received numerous honors for her work including the prestigious  "Wise Woman of the Year Award" from The National Association of Women Business Owners




I am a firm believer in the mind, body, spirit connection, and as a result take a very
holistic approach with my clients. This model emphasizes cultivating a warm and
supportive environment which creates the conditions necessary to facilitate the
natural tendency of human beings to move toward wellness. It recognizes that the
path to healing, joy and contentment is an inward journey which allows
clients to shift from a sense that they are helpless and at the mercy of their
circumstances, to a position of empowerment. 

I am honored to assist and accompany people on this path toward realizing their true potential, and rediscovering who they were always meant to be. I work with a broad spectrum of clients, dealing with a wide variety of issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, grief, PTSD, emotional trauma, anger management, transition, OCD, ADD or ADHD, etc. I also enjoy working with couples helping them improve their communication and bring joy and passion back into their relationship.

I integrate a wide range of therapeutic techniques into my work with clients and
am particularly interested in the latest research in neurobiology which proves the
brain’s ability to literally “rewire” itself. This process which is known as
neuroplasticity, can be used to create significant and lasting positive change.
Through the teaching of various mindfulness practices, I give clients the tools to
harness and put to work the power of this process.

In addition to a variety of traditional talk therapy modalities, I am also trained in cutting-edge mind-body trauma techniques, including EMDR, The Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) and Brainspotting. In my work with couples, I primarily utilize two of the most research based approaches, EFT and Gottman. Although my training is quite varied, I focus on the particular needs of each individual client and work collaboratively to tailor a treatment plan that will help them achieve their goals.